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The Los Angeles Gothic Women's Tea Society

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Where is everyone? [06 Aug 2007|04:19pm]

[ mood | curious ]

So, what happened to this community? I left lj for under a year, and am just beginning to get back into it. I remembered this community because I always thought it was a great idea to have a gothic tea group. Is this group still moderated?

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Tea Time? [09 Nov 2006|01:47pm]

Ladies - I've been a member of this community for sometime now and have yet to see any Gothic Tea Parties arranged. SO I'm taking the initiative. Is anybody interested in meeting me and a few others for tea in Pasadena at the Scarlet Tea Room. I have never been. It looks pretty fancy. I think the mid afternoon tea runs about $25 a person. Wouldn't it be great to get a few people together and dress up in our most fancy outfits to meet for tea? I already checked and for a party of approx. 10 they have the 25th and the 26th (Sat or Sun) available. Any takers?
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[02 Jun 2006|12:32am]

Kitty and bird handpainted purse...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

auction here:
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[04 May 2006|04:45pm]


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(money goes to a shelter for cats and kittens so please bid!) ^^


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Hope to see you [12 Sep 2005|11:35pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Victorian spiritualism re-enactment society in LA [10 Jul 2005|04:32am]

In Los Angeles

pass it on ;)
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[25 Feb 2005|10:57pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi. I don't know if I can join this, but I am in San Diego which isn't too far to drive. I notice a couple names from the BPAL forum and hope I am welcome here.

I love the idea of having a goth club that is more Victorian salon than fetish bar. Will my dream ever come true?

I wish San Diego had ideas like this. Sigh.

I got here by looking up Jill Tracy. I got to Jill Tracy from looking at the new "dark cabaret" section at Projekt.com. I got there because I like to order their stuff, both their own label and from their Darkwave store. I got there circa a flyer sent to my house in the late 80's.

That's enough for me. Thanks for reading.


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An All Doll Art Show Fri Jan 7th in LA [05 Jan 2005|03:48pm]

When Dolls Attack! Show
An All Doll Art show.. Over 30 Doll makers including Elizabeth Mcgrath, Dame Darcy, Christiane Cegavske, Mike Odd, Kerry Kate (October Effigies) and many more at Rosemarys Billygoat in LA. Friday Jan 7thCollapse )
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1/27 First Annual LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day [05 Jan 2005|03:26pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Cross posted all over. Help spread the word! ;)

January 27th is the birthday of Lewis Carrol, author of ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND. Alice fell down a rabbit hole into a place where everything had changed and none of the rules could be counted on to apply anymore.

I say, let's do the same: January 27th, 2005 should be the First Annual LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day. When you post on that Thursday, instead of the normal daily life and work and news and politics, write about the strange new world you have found yourself in for the day, with its strange new life and work and news and politics.

Are your pets talking back at you now? Has your child suddenly grown to full adulthood? Does everyone at work think you're someone else now? Did Bush step down from the White House to become a pro-circuit tap-dancer? Did Zoroastrian missionaries show up on your doorstep with literature in 3-D? Have you been placed under house arrest by bizarre insectoid women wielding clubs made of lunchmeat?

Let's have a day where nobody's life makes sense anymore, where any random LJ you click on will bring you some strange new tale. Let's all fall down the Rabbit Hole for 24 hours and see what's there. It will be beautiful.


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Witches Ball [25 Dec 2004|06:43pm]

It's not uber-goth, but it's funny and sweet, and more than two of us cross over to that (witch, but also to funny and sweet).

here's all the info you will need....who all is planning to attend?

The Winter Witches Ball
Saturday, February 5, 2005
7:00 P.M. till Midnight

At the Culver City Elk's Lodge
11160 Washington Place
Culver City, CA 90232

o The Fancy Dress Event of the New Year!
o Dinner and Dancing Included!
o Free Parking!
o Full Cash Bar Available
o Elegant costumes or party attire suggested o

Tickets are $25.00 if purchased before January 28th. Make checks
payable to COG and send, together with this form, to COG, 4937 N.
Jenifer Avenue, Covina, CA 91724.

After January 28th, call (626)332-3530 for ticket availability.
Seating is limited, so order early to avoid disappointment. Ticket
price after January 28th (if available) will be $30.00

Number of tickets _________________________
Phone ( ) _______________
E-mail ___________
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[05 Dec 2004|07:24pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hello all,
I just joined this group today. I am unfortunately not in L.A. but was curious if any of you knew of similiar groups on the east coast? I have been looking for a group much like this or a victorian reinactment type group for some time now. Maybe im just looking in the wrong place so any help would be good :)

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Goth Picnic! Oh yeah, you wanna go! [27 Nov 2004|07:16pm]

Goth Meetups

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Silent movie mondays [27 Sep 2004|12:39am]
Anyone been to the silent movie theater on Fairfax? I guess they do a new film every Monday. We'll have to do our tea time soon and then whoever wants to go to the silent theater can go on from there, i've been wanting to check it out since I moved here.
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A Tea Party [20 Sep 2004|01:40pm]

[ mood | content ]

I'm drinking tea right now and I remembered you guys. The weather in Los Angeles is starting to get that Fall chill - the perfect weather for meeting people over tea. I don't know how busy everyone is, but perhaps we can start making plans for the postponed first meetup.

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Greetings and salutations [08 Sep 2004|07:35pm]

I'm a girl in the Los Angeles area. In fact, I'm very close to the middle of the city! I currently attend the University of Southern California. This list caught my attention, and I'd love to join you girls at the next event you set up, if it's at all possible. I'm more Gothic Lolita than straight Goth, so I hope that doesn't turn into a problem.

La la la.

Oh, and my name is Miki.
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Halloween [08 Sep 2004|12:41pm]

Hey what going on for Halloween?? any plans??
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aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh [02 Sep 2004|01:10am]

Holy shit! I totally forgot.. Im so sorry you guys Im so overloaded and out of my head!!
Lets get together in a couple of weeks? any suggestions on a day?
did anyone even make it?
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[01 Sep 2004|11:56pm]

Couldn't make the tea party :-/ Too much going on with the first week of school. Did everyone have a good time?? Maybe we can shoot for another next week? ~Crystal
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Bats day Meet Up [28 Aug 2004|11:08am]

Hey all, for all you going to bats day we are meeting at the wishing well at noon right by Sleeping Beauty's castle. See you there!
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more people [26 Aug 2004|03:12am]

Hey all.. feel free to advertise our group on your favorite LJ community, yahoo group, tell a friend or online boards..or let me know of one and I will post too thanks!
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